1- When will I receive my order?
Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 weeks from your order date. You will receive tracking information via email as soon as it has left our warehouse. If you need your products sooner please email
 us to request us to Expedite your order. If we are able to expedite it we will notify you.

2- What if my item arrives damaged or is missing merchandise?
If you are missing an item please email us immediately with your order number and product missing and we will investigate and replace the item. 
If your item arrives damaged luckily we insure all shipments so we will gladly start a damage claim and will replace the damaged merchandize free of charge. 
Please read our terms and conditions on the bottom of our site page to get familiar with this process.

3- Do you ship Internationally?
YES we do ship out internationally and only charge a delivery to agency fee. You must open an account with either TransXpress or Aeropost and provide us with your account/PO Box number 
Please note that once your order has been delivered to the agency it is your responsibility to follow up in regards to shipment date and port fees.

4- Do you provide readings/consultas? 
Yes we can help you in case you need a reading. There are Espiritistas that throw card, Oriates that divine with cowrie shells , Babalawos that divine with the Ekuele, and Paleros that can consult you
 with their prendas. We prefer that the client is present during a reading so if you are not in Florida we ask that you contact us via SKYPE. 

5- I would like a herbal bath prepared; do you sell those?
Yes we can assist with preparing herbal baths but we recommend that you always get consulted first to see if the bath that you want
to do will benefit you or if you need something additional to the bath. 

6- Where are you located and can I come pick up my items instead of having them shipped?
Unfortunately we are not open to the public so you cannot pick up your order; we strictly focus on Phone orders and online orders and ship out to the entire U.S. as well as Internationally.
 However if you are in Miami, Fl and you would like for us to deliver the items to your home or a family members home we can deliver locally.