The Story of Shango

STORY of SHÀNGÓ, ÒGE & ÒRÚNMÌLÀ: How SHÀNGÓ became King of Kings:

This Story was given orally by the Spirit TATA G, Emissary of Baba Oduduwa at ÈGBÉ ÓDÙN OLÓFIN - The Spiritual Family of OLÓFIN'S SECRET. SHÀNGÓ was a type of young person that nobody love him or wanted him, when SHÀNGÓ grew up; SHÀNGÓ discovers a method of Divination that would revolutionize everything, that method or tool to be use as Oracle is the ÒPÈLÈ (or Ekuele), that is known as the Chain of Divination. SHÀNGÓ meets a man called Òrúnmìlà, and this man told him: “Why are going up and down making so many mistakes in your life?” SHÀNGÓ replies: “I don’t know”. Òrúnmìlà asked SHÀNGÓ; Do you know who you are? Òrúnmìlà told him: “You are an spiritual direct descendant of Baba Oduduwa, and You have the path of the THRONE, but up to now you haven’t earn it”. TATA “G” Comments: From this comes the saying; “Kings are not born, they are put in the Throne”. Òrúnmìlà told him: “I am going to exchange this tool of Divination you use, the ÒPÈLÈ, and you are going to say to people that this method in mine, and in return, I will guide you in the path that you should fallow in order to become a King”. ShÀNGÓ agrees, and he give his ÒPÈLÈ to Òrúnmìlà. SHÀNGÓ explains to him how to use the ÒPÈLÈ and how it works. ShÀNGÓ was the Fourth Aláàfin of OYO. The word Aláàfin means “Heir of the Secrets”; this is what Baba Oduduwa through his Elègún (medium) has revealed. Baba Oduduwa gave a praise to SHÀNGÓ:“Mojuba SHÀNGÓ, Aláàfin Olófin Ayé” that means: I Praises ShÀNGÓ, the Heir (Aláàfin) of Olófin (the Owner of the Secrets) of Ayé (the World).This Praise to ShÀNGÓ that Oduduwa gave us, this proves that ShÀNGÓ was this ÌTAN (story) says, and that this is true. “Olófin Ayé” is the Sacred Title of Baba Oduduwa, few people know about this secret. Baba Oduduwa is the Son of OLÓFIN, the IRÚNMÒLE NLÁ who created the Universe. The Story continues: Òrúnmìlà indicates to SHÀNGÓ that he has to do EBO (Ritual Sacrifice), and that he needed to do the Ceremony of ORÍ. Òrúnmìlà told him that he had to go through a certain road, and told him that he will meet a man called ÒGE, who was an ÒShÓ (a Wizard or Shaman). ShÀNGÓ fallows the instructions of Òrúnmìlà, and he meets ÒGE on that road. When ShÀNGÓ presents himself to ÒGE, he says that he was send by a man from the city of IFE, called Òrúnmìlà. ÒGE told ShÀNGÓ that he was waiting for him to come, this is because ÒGE was a Wizard with Powers and he knew. ÒGE ask ShÀNGÓ; You want to be a King? SHÀNGÓ replies: Yes .ÒGE told him; “The first Secret that I am going to teach you is to Spit Fire through your mouth”.

Something that needs to be clear, is that SHÀNGÓ is not the owner of the THUNDER, neither h is the owner of the Flame. The true Owner of the Thunder is the


. The true owner of the Flame is


The true owner of FIRE is


The story continues:ÒGE told ShÀNGÓ to go to an specific village to prove his powers, that he taught him. ShÀNGÓ goes to that village, and he shows what he learned from ÒGE, to Spit Fire, he did that to entertain the people the village. ShÀNGÓ spend his time spiting fire here and there. The people started to comment: “This man, ShÀNGÓ, he is very Powerful, we have to made him King”. ShÀNGÓ also brought a drum with him. One day he start playing the drum, to spit fire, and to sing, and this make the people gather around him. A man went to the King of this town and told him about a new man in town who plays the drum; that spits fire and sings, and also told him that he gather a lot of people around him and makes the happy. The king said that he was going to find out about this new man in town. The King goes where SHÀNGÓ was dancing at the beat of the drum, and there was a lot of people around, then someone accidentally stumbles with the king, and that makes that the Crown of the king flew through the air, and by miracle, the Crown lands over SHÀNGÓ’S head. All the people present bow before SHÀNGÓ. The King was in awe, and he said: I admit my defeat, and I transfer my power and my reign (kingship) to SHÀNGÓ. ShÀNGÓ knew of the effectiveness of the powers of the Wizard (ÒShÓ) ÒGE, he told his new subjects that they should go and bring ÒGE before him. SHÀNGÓ brings ÒGE to his castle, and he chain up ÒGE, told him; “Now you are going to be my servant”. This is why they say in the Afrocuban Tradition of ÒShÀ that “There is no ÒGE without SHÀNGÓ, and there is no SHÀNGÓ without ÒGE”.ÒGE is the APETEBI of SHÀNGÓ, that means that ÒGE is his servant, his slave that is at his service. ÒGE told SHÀNGÓ; “Let’s make a deal, You are going to treat me very well, you are going to treat me better than your own disciples”. SHÀNGÓ responded: “Yes, I come from a very humble place, I know what is to be humble, and I will treat you better than a king” ÒGE told ShÀNGÓ that in exchange for this, that he was going to be SHÀNGÓ’S “Taster”, each thing that they bring to SHÀNGÓ to eat or drink, I (ÒGE) will taste it first. ÒGE told SHÀNGÓ: “The King that you dethrone is not happy with what happened, he wants to dethrone you in whatever way he can, and even he may try to poison you”. From that moment, each thing that SHÀNGÓ was to eat or drink, ÒGE tasted firsts. The dethrone King says to himself; “This man SHÀNGÓ, I can only dethrone him by the use of force, and the use of armed men”. The dethrone King gathered an army of mercenaries. The Wizard ÒGE told SHÀNGÓ; “You know that the former king is planning to dethrone you”. SHÀNGÓ told ÒGE that he didn’t knew about it. ÒGE told SHÀNGÓ; “You have to burn leaves of Mammee (Mamey) tree and other things at the entrance of the Castle”. SHÀNGÓ asked ÒGE; “What’s that for”.


 ÒGE answers: “You have confidence and do what I tell you”. SHÀNGÓ fallows the advice of ÒGE, and he send his soldiers to find the ingredients needed, and start burning it. When the army of the former king arrive at the front of the castle, they start to see GHOSTS. That was the magical effect of what ÒGE told them to do. The mercenary soldiers say among them: “This man, SHÀNGÓ, is very powerful, we better leave now from here”. From now on ShÀNGÓ was proclaim as KING of Kings, because no one could defeat him or dethrone him. ShÀNGÓ is the King of OYO, and he is the “

Alaáfin Olófin Ayé

The Horn that represents the ÒRÌShÀ ÒGE in the ÒshÀ Tradition, it’s a classical element or tool of the great Wizards of Africa, the use a Bull Horn magically. Due to this true story, the Horns of ÒGE are feed (with blood) first when SHÀNGÓ receives an EBO EJE (Blood Sacrifice of any fowl or four legged animal). When an EBO to ShÀNGÓ has to made, ÒGE should always be there, and ÒGE receives the blood of the sacrifice first, before SHÀNGÓ. Also you can give ÒGE first a baby chicken or another animal, and later give the animal that SHÀNGÓ has to receive for EBO. If you don’t feed ÒGE first, SHÀNGÓ doesn’t receive well the EBO or Sacrifice. The Horns of ÒGE are to be fill with certain sacred ingredient and charged magically, this is a Secret of ÒGE

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