YEWA - The Daughter of Baba ODÙDÚWÀ

YEWA - The Daughter of Baba ODÙDÚWÀ

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YEWA is the Virgin ÒRÌŞÀ. She is a very jealous ÒRÌŞÀ, she is the most Jealous ÒRÌŞÀ that exists, and she wants all her children and devotees as her, to be Virgin. This is why in certain occasions, YEWA take away the spouse o husband of her children (Omo) in a TRAGIC WAY. This is why you have to be “Ó DÁRA”= Well and in good terms, you have to be fresh with the ÒRÌŞÀ YEWA in regards to her children, and you have to refresh her, you have to pamper her, so that YEWA allows you to have a sentimental partner. However, to her young OMO (sons), like this OMO ŞÀNGÓ that YEWA comes to be his “Mother” in the ÒÒŞÀ Tradition, he is to young, so it’s NOT recommended for him to be calling YEWA, because instead of helping him, YEWA could scare his sentimental partners (girlfriend, wife) from him (in the love-sex sense).For the Ceremony of “Birthing “ the IGBÁ ÒRÌŞÀ of YEWA in a Divine way for an specific person, the person it’s better to wait until the person in not having an active Sexual Life. You will notice how the ceremony for this ÒRÌŞÀ is done, that different from other ÒRÌŞÀ ceremonies, YEWA makes herself present, you can feel it, because when she is invoke, she is invoke directly from the bowels of the Earth (ruled by the ÒRÌŞÀ ODUWA ONILÉ ILÉ, some similarity with the name Odùdúwà, but different Deity).

YEWA’S sacred implements has a Treasure Chest. ÒYÁ is the ÒRÌŞÀ that waits for you at the entrance of the cemetery; but YEWA is the ÒRÌŞÀ that lives inside the Cementery. YEWA can tragically kill the love partners of her sons and daughters. If they get married, they could do so with someone into the Tradition who has the ÒRÌŞÀ crowning ceremony and later goes through the ÒÒŞÀ Tradition Marriage Ceremony. YEWA lives where the dead ones lives, the cemetery, she is the ÒRÌŞÀ of ÉGÚN (Spirit). Yewa is a very Powerful ÒRÌŞÀ, she could kill tragically your love partner, that why your love partner has to be initiated into the ÒÒŞÀ Tradition, and you have to get Married through the Marriage Ceremony of this ÒRÌŞÀ Tradition. If you call upon YEWA, she is not going to make you happy in your marital love life. The day that you receive YEWA, she has to have a room apart only for her. YEWA can’t be with any other ÒRÌŞÀ. You only untied her once a year, the less you uncover the Igbá of YEWA, the better for you. She is a very Delicate ORSHA.YEWA COLORS: Coffee Brown, White, Violet, Red. The Coffee Brown beads go with white stripes or lines, like the ones for OYA. Teaching given by BABA ODUDUWAThis next part was from a Teaching given by the Spirit TATA "G", Emissary of Odùdúwà: YEWA is pronounced like “YEBWA”, the name YEWA means VIRGIN, PURE, she is the only Daughter of BABA ODUDUWA. Baba Odùdúwà had another son, but he was adopted, his name is ÀKALA - that means buzzard - sparrow hawk a type Bird like the vulture.

NOTE by AWO IFALENU: Baba Odùdúwà had only one direct Daughter, that was YEWA, and since YEWA was always a VIRGIN in her whole life, Baba Odùdúwà dint left any blood descendants, this is one of the reasons that YEWA doesn’t have any direct children, nor Baba Odùdúwà. Baba Odùdúwà is not an ÒRÌŞÀ, he is a SON of OLÓFIN, when he was first consulted with the Eerindínlógún (16 Cowrie shells oracle) the ÓDÙN (Oracle sign) that came was MERINDINLOGUN - 16 Cowrie shell mouths up, and that is the revelation from the ORACLE that this person is a Direct SON of GOD, Son of OLÓFIN. Odùdúwà is the OLÓFIN AYÉ of this planet, he is the Highest Evolved Soul of this area of the Galaxy. Baba ODUDUWA is the Father (Baba) of the YORUBA Tradition. He is like an IRÚNMÒLE type of Being, higher than the 401 ÒRÌŞÀ.Other people give the meaning of YEWA as YÉYÉ AWÁ (Our Mother).INVOCATION: Mojuba YEWA, Omo Odùdúwà (I praise YEWA, Daughter of Odùdúwà)The ÒRÌŞÀ BOROMU o BROMU is the APETEBI or Divine Save of YEWA, you can put Pink Roses to her.ÒRÌŞÀ’S related with YEWA are BROMU and BROSNIA.Praise to BROMU and BROSNIAMo juba BROMU, Apètèbí YewaMo juba Brosnia, Omo Bromu, Apètèbí Odùdúwà Brosnia is Oduduwa’s Apètèbí, divine slave. NOTE from Awo IFALENU There is a Ceremony that Baba Odùdúwà gave for people who have receive YEWA and they live at home with other people from the other sex, they could be even you males son, since YEWA don’t like her children to be with other people of the opposite sex. This Ceremony the person has to sleep one night with a person of the other Sex, and call Yewa and explain to her the situation. They just have to sleep on the same bed, NO SEX, all is done with great Respect because of YEWA is involved. This is done so YEWA allows living in the same house people of different sex or gender than her son or daughter.

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