Ochun Ibu Akuaro

Oshun Ibu Akuaro : Who's name means the Cornish hen (Quail). when this Oshun comes down one puts their finger in their ear and their hand on their head . Out of respect since they say she is the Oshun without a crown. She likes to eat with Yemaya hens that are ash in color. IN a special case she takes a tri-angle inside her sopera with three daggers hanging from the points this is sort of a talisman. Born in Ojuani -Melli (11-11) she eats Cornish hens. She takes a head band made in the form of a snake the size of her child's head . She takes a maja snake , with feathers of a cornish hen, that decorates her tinaja . She has a secret name , known to her children. She takes two long spears, two large oars, two cornish hens, a boat, a moon, a mirror , a sword, a needle, a fan, a double axe, ten bracelets , ten arrow of ochosi . She like five scarves green and yellow. Next to her sopera she like a sewing cushion , a deer antler, and a cowbell , and her baston of Akuaro , that lives beside her. This baston is made from Mangle roble, that is washed and feed with Oshun in a large ceremony ( cant give out details). Asojano was the husband of this Oshun . This baston is called Akinoro, Symbolizes a Eleggua, others say her husband for this its name

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